August 21, 2017

What’s up for Lent?



Wednesday, March 5: Ash Wednesday Service at 6:15pm

Ashes are available from 12-8pm on the 5th.



Sunday, March 9: Lenten Journey Hike with Eucharist at Sweetwater Creek State Park: 11:00AM

Tuesdays in Lent: Mother Kim is available to hear confessions on Tuesdays between 1-4pm. (Note the extended hours and she will not be available on March 25 and April 1.)

The Bodies Exhibit: March 21, at 1:45 pm. During Lent we talk about the body being made of dust and returning to dust. This is an opportunity to see the human body in detail — a tangible reminder of the fragility of humans.

Confirmation Classes: Sundays at 8pm and Wednesdays at 5pm. Please talk to Mother Kim if you’re interested in joining the group of confirmands.

candles sacred

Confirmation: April 6, Cathedral of St. Philip’s, 4:00pm


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