August 20, 2017

Clark Atlanta Choir Concert unites in a fundraiser with AJEC

A small group of CAU singers gather with Mother Kim for a quick photo

  Clark Atlanta Philharmonic and University Choirs Give Annual Christmas Concert at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church   On a beautiful fall-like evening in December, 70 students from Clark Atlanta gathered in the St. Luke’s Chapel. After countless of hours of practice (in the AJEC chapel each week), their hardwork paid off. The choirs provided soul-warming […]

May it be a sweet, sweet sound in your ear.

The choir has been practicing at Absalom Jones for two years now. They even squeezed everyone in for a Christmas concert in our Chapel!

The CAU Philharmonic Society and Absalom Jones Episcopal Center have been in partnership since August of 2013. The choir meets in the chapel daily during the school year for practice. Additionally, students from the choir serve as singers at our Sunday Night Compline. The music from the Chapel wafts through the building each weekday at […]

Clark Atlanta Philharmonic Christmas Concert

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The Clark Atlanta Philharmonic will present their annual Christmas Concert at the Absalom Jones Episcopal Center. There will be two concerts: Monday, December 1, 2014 at 7:06 and again on Wednesday December 3, 2014. The concert is free! Please come out and help us celebrate the Christmas season!

Clark Atlanta Philharmonic Concert


    The Clark Atlanta Philharmonic Society ended the semester with a beautiful Christmas Concert at First Congregational Church in downtown Atlanta.     Congratulations to the Clark Atlanta Philharmonic Society for providing such a beautiful Christmas concert. The concert was deeply moving. One spectator described her experience this way, “At points during the concert […]