July 25, 2017

Students Preach During Lent


Kane Jacobs, ’16M (pictured above) and Roman Johnson, ’14M offered sermons during this past season of Lent. Their sermons were insightful and spirit-led — resulting in helpful ideas for moving forward towards Easter. When asked about the sermon writing process, Kane described the ways in which it felt similar to writing a paper for college, yet somehow different. Because this was new for him, Kane said that he called several people (ranging from his Uncle who is a pastor to his mother to other students). In the end, he found himself trying to blend the style of preaching that he was used to hearing with his own sense of how it should be done.

Roman Johnson was the first student to preach in this series of student preachers. A son of a preacher, Roman stepped up the pulpit with confidence and a clear vision for where to lead us. Like Kane, Roman brought great insight into the gospel lesson and was careful to engage the congregation in a thought-provoking manner.

Mr. Johnathan Cooks, a rising senior at Morehouse College will be preaching in the Easter season.

We are grateful to these young men for their willingness to share their gifts with us.


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