August 20, 2017

Site Regulations



Adopted February 1, 2011

*When using our facilities, groups must vacate property by 10:00pm.

* No Sunday use after 7:00pm


Use of kitchen space.  The dishwasher is not available for use by outside groups.  Those using the facilities must clean all appliances and counter tops.  Please bring your own cleaning supplies. The cleaning service will be responsible for floor cleaning, but please sweep up before leaving and mop up any spills.

Tables and chairs as needed.  Tablecloths are not provided.

Use of paper products is permitted; you must provide all paper products and dispose of said bagged products in dumpster outside.  There is an additional fee for use of Absalom Jones dinnerware, silverware, cooking equipment.

Use of sound equipment as needed.

Use of restrooms as needed.  Please make sure all water is turned off & restrooms are decent when you leave.



The Absalom Jones Student Center and Chapel is a smoke-free facility.  Use of tobacco products of any type (cigarettes, cigars, pipes, chewing tobacco, etc.) in any of the interior spaces is prohibited.

There is to be no use of scotch tape, masking tape, other adhesives or any pins, nails, or staples on any of the interior or exterior wall surfaces.

No furniture in any rooms of the Center are to be moved without prior approval from the Director.

The altar and fair linens on the altar cannot be moved or used for anything other than for worship purposes.

Uncaged animals (except service animals) are not permitted in any part of the church building.

Use of glitter or confetti is prohibited.



All groups or individuals using any of the Absalom Jones Student Center and Chapel facilities must sign a waiver of liability form before using the facility.  This form will be provided to you when you are making arrangements.

Adult (age 18 or over) supervision is required for all events.  One adult for each 10 children/young persons is required.

Please report any damage to the Center’s Director immediately.  Any damage to the building and its contents is the responsibility of the group or individual using the facility.  The facility will be inspected by church personnel prior to and following each use.



Parking will be available Monday through Friday after 5 PM. Weekend parking is available on a first come, first served basis.



Individual Room Usage

All these fees are based on a four hour time block.

Kitchen $25.00

TV Lounge Area $15.00 Café                                                        $50.00 (can seat up to 35 people)

Sanctuary $75.00 (can seat up to 100 people)



Supervisor Fee $10.00 per hour (*all events involving more that 25 persons

requires are supervisor)

Custodial Fee $50.00 for events involving more than 30 persons

Weekend Usage Fee $15.00 for the opening and closing of the building


The Absalom Jones Center and Chapel reserves the right to refuse rental to any person or group.



Your building use fee will be refunded if your event is canceled two business days prior to the scheduled event.