August 18, 2017

Partnership with Holy Cross Men’s Club Deepens


The partnership between AJEC and the Holy Cross Men’s Club (HCMC) continues grow. During their visit this February, HCMC joined us for worship and table fellowship. The discussion topic this month centered on Lenten practices.

One student said, “I’m really excited about Lent this year. It’s only my second or third time doing something.” In the same small group, a mentor from Holy Cross remarked, “Boy, that’s helpful to hear because I was feeling a little lackluster about it. Your excitement adds spice to my anticipation of the Lenten season!”

It was really helpful for all of us to hear from one another about some of the spiritual practices that people were planning on “taking on” this year. A few such practices include: reading a chapter of scripture each night, spending 5 minutes in silence, entering into intentional discernment about vocation, and fasting each day until sundown.

The inter-generational dialogue truly enhanced our time of worship and sharing.

Thanks be to God.

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