August 20, 2017

Lenten Journey


A small group of students along with two Jesuit Volunteers spent the second Sunday of Lent hiking through Sweetwater Creek State Park. The 3 mile hike deep into the woods of the park allowed space for the group to reflect the beauty of God’s creation and to think more concretely about the metaphor of Lent being a “journey through the wilderness.” Here are some of their short reflections:

Mother Kim: What insights did you gain during your experience of hiking Sunday?

Marcea: I endured a physical representation of my Lenten journey, with ups and downs and points of extreme difficulty. The successful completion of the hike meant to me that despite all the hard times sticking to the Lenten practices will be an amazing feeling in the end.



Mother Kim: How did your experience of the Lenten hike change how you thought about the season of Lent?

De'Von on the water
De’Von: Well it reminded me that every journey is different and that everyone is called to do something different .



Mother Kim: How did your experience of the Lenten hike impact your spiritual life?

rashad and rushing waters

Rashad: I just feel myself growing deeper and closer to God.

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