August 20, 2017

Labyrinth Walking

For the closing Eucharist of 2011, a few folks from AJEC take the time to prayfully walk the labyrinth.

As the semester comes to a close, the Chapel is transformed into a space for journeying and meditation. Gone are the chairs and instruments, and instead one finds a large canvas mat with a labyrinth on it. The lights are dim and there is soft music playing intermittently. The candles in the center of the labyrinth welcome the sojourner with a warm, flickering beckon. The students and chaplain share the space, yet it is clear that each person’s path differs. For some the journey through the labyrinth is fast and repeated. For others the journey is slow, unevenly paced, and quiet.

Walking the labyrinth was a perfect end to a busy and sometimes fraught semester.

Thanks be to God.


To find out more about labyrinths click here.

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