August 21, 2017

Holy Cross Men’s Club partners with AJEC

The Holy Cross Men’s Club (HCMC) of the Episcopal Church of the Holy Cross, Decatur, GA, has partnered with AJEC. While still in it’s developing phase, the partnership is off to a great start. Here are the details thus far:

November 2012: On the first Wednesday in November, the HCMC joined us for worship service and dinner afterwards. As full participants in the service, HCMC joined with the students as they discussed the Bible’s command that we love our neighbor as we love ourselves. In small inter-generational groups, the people shared with one another some of the obstacles that they encounter when trying to show love to a stranger. Issues of racism, sexism, classism and physical appearance were some of the reasons discussed. In an effort to dig a bit deeper the question shifted to: “What are some of the impediments that keep you from loving yourself well?” The conversations that ensued were deeply moving. Students and mentors shared with each other with honesty and vulnerability. The prayers and Holy Eucharist that followed helped to cement an already growing foundation of trust and relationality.

December 2012: HCMC returned to AJEC on the last day of the semester to share in our closing worship. This worship service was designed to be prayerful and meditative so that the students could unwind after a long semester. With the lights turned down, we spent time in silent prayer. Then, as the spirit moved, we moved to various stations around the room that were designed to facilitate various kinds of prayers and reflections. The stations included: space at the font to remember one’s baptism; a section for confession and absolution; a white board for writing words of gratitude; a place for interceding for others; an opportunity to lay one’s burdens down at the altar by writing them on paper and leaving them at the altar. Again, we concluded with the Great Thanksgiving and then shared a meal in the cafe.


We look forward to a continued partnership. To read more updates click on Holy Cross Men’s Club in the AJEC Tags on the homepage.





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