August 18, 2017

A Moment in Black History: Dr. Vincent Harding

By The Reverend Kimberly S. Jackson

February 9, 2016

I knew him as Uncle Vincent. Others called him dad. Still others called him teacher, prophet, preacher and friend. Today I honor the man who truly believed that we can build a new world. In his revised version of “Jacob’s Ladder,” Dr. Vincent Harding taught us that in order to make a new world, “builders must be strong.” So, that is my prayer for us all: that God gives us the strength to create a new world where we study war no more.

While I have lots of pictures of Uncle Vincent that are of a much higher quality, I’m sharing this one because it’s how I remember him best: happy and in love with his bride, Aljosie Knight. On this wintery 9th day of Black History Month may we be strong and full of love.

The Wedding Day

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