August 18, 2017

A Moment in Black Herstory: Georgia Davis Powers

Today, on this 11th day in Black History Month, we honor Ms. Georgia Davis Powers. She was the first African American and the first female elected to the Kentucky State Senate.

If you google her, you’ll also see that she went to her grave saying that she and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. had an affair. In those articles you’ll notice that the words “allege” and “claim” always precede her comments about her relationship with Dr. King. Because of our deification of him, many haveĀ struggled to hear Ms. Powers’ story.

So, today we celebrate Georgia Davis Powers for never backing down. We celebrate her for insisting that Civil Rights Leaders acknowledge the insidious patriarchy and misogyny that plagued the Southern Freedom Movement. We applaud her for refusing to keep silent, for resisting others’ attempts to shame her, and for continuing the fight for Human Rights in a way that honored the dignity of all women.

The Honorable Georgia Davis Powers

The Honorable Georgia Davis Powers

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